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Thai Studies Forum (TSF)

The Center for Thai Studies Forum (TSF) at Harvard University is dedicated to educate and engage in research pertaining to Thailand’s politics, economics, environment, social science endeavours and other facets of Thai life. To meet the need for academic expertise, research and resources, the Center cooperates with the Social Science Association of Thailand. Its commitment is also toward bridging the gap between western countries and Thailand.

TSF serves the interests of people in general and also the government, nonprofit organizations, and business groups in the US and Thailand, through:

·         Seminars, workshops, and executive programs organized for target organizations in the US and Thailand

·         Publications and international conferences

·         Public events at Harvard University and in Thailand, including conversations about Thai Studies with some of the world’s foremost scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field.


At the heart of TSF’s mission is the enhancement of research in economics, politics, environment and education. By creating opportunities for interested individuals, scholars, and practitioners from different disciplines, sectors, cultures, and nations, to engage in reflection and discovery, TSF promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas.

As vital as this work is, TSF realizes that equipping visionary people to handle modern complexities and obstacles that have directly influenced Thailand will resolve more than traditional academic research can achieve due to it representing different disciplines. To be effective, expertise must combine the tools of strategic, financial and policy analysis with self-understanding and displaying different thoughts in order to solve existent problems and modern obstacles with research papers across different disciplines.

This is why TSF has committed itself to trade cutting-edge solutions for research development by conducting demonstrations at international forums. These forums familiarize western countries with Thailand’s changing economics, politics, society, environment, and education, displaying the total amount of available solution in the country, via different disciplines.

Sources of support

TSF was unofficially established in 2000 through a generous grant from the Social Science Association of Thailand (SSAT). Professor Dr. Kriengsak Charoenwongsak, the Honorary President of SSAT, remains to function as the Principal Director of the TSF Center, providing its core funding.

Research Areas

TSF draws its strength from members across the university, who make up a remarkable intellectual community of scholars, researchers, and teachers across diverse fields, including economics, politics, the social sciences, environment, education, religion, and the law. The most pressing problems facing traditional Thai studies are complex, often requiring collaborative investigation by scholars versed in different disciplines. By connecting scholars and practitioners from different disciplines, TSE seeks to raise the quality of research in Thailand and beyond.



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